Advanced email accounts

You can access your Advanced Email accounts by using Webmail, on a program like Outlook, or on your cell phone.


From a web browser, just go to this address and enter your email address and password to login:


or mail.yourdomain.com
(put your website address - the part of your email address after the @ symbol instead of yourdomain.com)

Tip: The address bar is at the very top of your screen where you usually see the http:// stuff.  It won't work if you type your Webmail address into a search engine search box.

For a comprehensive guide of all things webmail (email signatures, forwarding, contacts, etc) please check out the link below:


Setup Instructions for Desktop and Mobile Devices

If you wish to access your email via an email client, you can connect with IMAP and SMTP. The mail server is: 

Incoming Server: mail.hostedemail.com

Outgoing Server: mail.hostedemail.com

*Outgoing server requires authentication - use same settings as incoming mail server

IMAP:  993 (SSL enabled) or 143 (SSL disabled)

SMTP:  465 (SSL enabled); 25, 587, or 8025 (SSL disabled)