Google Workspace email accounts

You can access your Google G Suite Email accounts by using Webmail, on a program like Outlook, or on your cell phone.


You can check your email from any browser on any computer connected to the Internet by typing your Webmail address into the address bar of your browser.


or mail.yourdomain.com
(put your website address - the part of your email address after the @ symbol instead of yourdomain.com)

Tip: The address bar is at the very top of your screen where you usually see the http:// stuff.  It won't work if you type your Webmail address into a search engine search box.

Setup Instructions for Desktop and Mobile Devices

If you want to use a program like Microsoft Outlook to send/receive email or set up your email on a cell phone, see the instructions here:

Setting up your Google Apps email account on an email client like Outlook or on your cell phone (POP or IMAP)