Premium SEO service

The goal is to get you more website traffic.

To do that, your web pages need to come up near the top of Google searches.

Premium SEO is a measurable, systematic service to achieve this goal.

What is the difference between the “basic” SEO I already have, and this Premium SEO service?

Basic SEO covers proper code setup on your website pages. It also covers an up-to-date local listing on Google My Business.

That basic service was done by looking at the content you gave us.

In a lot of cases, you might have also asked us to target certain keywords.

So the optimization we did was around the info you provided.

Premium SEO is much more involved.

It starts with research to see what keywords you really should target, what your competition is doing, and what sort of content your potential customers may want.

It is very unlikely you did this research before you gave us your content and told us what you wanted to target.

After that first step, Premium SEO involves work both on and off your site.


  • re-optimize for the proper keywords (revealed by research)
  • add / change content, as needed


  • build links from other websites that lead to yours
  • monitor competitors

Because it involves ongoing research, writing, testing, and tweaking, it is an advanced online tactic that requires a specialist.

You can read about it and sign up here: https://business.websites.ca/premium-seo/